Intentionally Corrupt Your Word Document

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If you are a student or employee, you know how important it is to submit your work in time to not get insulted and humiliated in front of whole class/office. Though you trick for several excuses you’ll still get scolded in front of class/office, because your job was to submit your work on time.

But what if there is a good and successful way to have excuses? If you are one of those who is not able to complete their assignment or project on time then you might want to know what it is that let you get the excuses.

Document Corrupter is web application that allows you to corrupt your good state files intentionally so that no one can open it.

Let’s start by corrupting a Test document.

  1. Go to Document Corrupter homepage.
  2. Click on Choose File button to browse the file you want to corrupt.

  1. After choosing file, you may check on Shuffle the pieces box depending upon the person’s who have good knowledge in tweaking the documents.
  2. Click on Submit button.
  3. After the conversion is complete, you can download the corrupted file in separate location.
  4. Your download will start.

5. When you open it you’ll be prompted with unexpected error.

You’ll get excuse to redo your paper again while you’ll get plenty of time to finish the remaining part of your non-corrupted document.

If you want to corrupt files other than .doc then you can try this method.