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KeyHunter – Free Keylogger

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In previous article I described how to create own keylogger. For those who don’t like programming and just want to install and use keylogger, here is keylogger from “How To Make A Python Keylogger” converted to .exe file, I called it KeyHunter .

Step 1 :
Go to LINK and download KeyHunter to your pc .

Step 2 :

Extract it to your pc

keyHunter 1

Step 3 :

Go to “dist” folder and run keylogger.exe as administrator

keyhunter 2

After this KeyHunter will start record all keystrokes and store it in “C:\output.txt”


I tried it on Windows 8 (64 bit) and Windows 7 (64 bit) , and it works fine. Let me know how it works on your pc and which OS you used. I plan to upgrade it , so it can be used as remote keylogger. Feel free to comment below.