Know How Long You Have Been Running Your Computer

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You might have never noticed your wastage of time when you are using computer, have you? You’ll never notice that you took 1 hour completely just to send your CV documents via mail to an organization. And there are also not such active and easily accessible tools to notify the time interval you’ve been using your computer since the windows startup.

However with Windows 7, you have this feature easily accessible in task manager. To see the length of time open up the task manager window.

You can either open task manager window by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and clicking on start task manager or by just going to RUN command and typing “taskmgr” (without quotes).

Go to the Performance tab and se the uptime timer. This is where you’ll see how long have you been online in your windows.

Besides this, there are also many third-party tools which help you to see the time period being online in your computer.

You got your up time of your desktop. But, how to know the time of your internet connection?

You can easily do this by following the steps below:

In the control panel open Network Connections. Identify the adapter which is actually connecting to the internet gateway and open it.

In my case it was Local Area Connection.

After you open it you’ll see the duration.

This is the time that you’ve been connecting to the internet.

Hope this was informative.

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