Learn Programming from Google

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If you really want to learn hacking then the first step for it is to learn programming well. Even more learning only one programming language doesn’t make you a hacker. Those will only expertise you in specific programming language, nothing more than that. Hacking profession requires having knowledge in all kind of programming language. C, C++, PHP, ASP, JAVA etc.

You may get tired of reading hacking tutorials found around the net for free. No matter how much depth the hacking book has you’ll still unable to do even a basic hacking. Why? Because you don’t have any programming skills to use it in practice actually.

Again, you must not call yourself a hacker if you expertise in some programming language. Better call yourself a newbie programmer rather than hacker. A hacker plays the role of attacker while the programmer remains at safe side for defensive arts.

So, when to call yourself hacker? Learn some programming language first. There is hundreds of popular website that provides large number of tutorial on several programming language. Some of them are tutorialized, w3schools, etc.  Though the tutorial portals like tutorialized contain lots of programming tips and techniques, it is still not for you who are the beginners.

If you really want to learn programming for free, without going to any educational institutions, then you are on right track. Because going to some academy and acquiring programming skills does not lets you to advertise your mistakes, while mistakes leads to another success.

This time I am talking about our online friend Google, which we’ve never thought about. Do you ever knew that Google teaches lots of people several programming languages like Python, Java, C++, Linux, Ajax, Javascript, etc? Oh yes and that is for free.

Google has been providing several new tips and tricks for intermediate programmers and several courses for the newbies at Google code. Google code University is one of the services launched by Google with aim to increase the web expert in World Wide Web.

Google Code University provides several courses and innovative resources to help computer science enthusiasts.  Not only text based tutorials, but you are also able to access video tutorials for free. It is easier with live examples by Google to understand the real thingy of programming. They also has a forum to discuss about your confusions.

If you really are thinking about programming, Google Code University is the site you must bookmark.