Login to Windows Live Messenger using any email account

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Everybody has hotmail account, don’t they? I created my first email account in Hotmail 9 Years ago. MSN Hotmail and Yahoo were the heroes of free web mail system at that time, and still they are. Later in 2004, Gmail showed up with large email space capability. The only famous messenger was ICQ. Later Hotmail introduced MSN messenger, now they’ve named it Windows Live Messenger which we are using at the current date.

Since you have lots of email account in several domains, it is necessary to run their own messenger. Try to log in using your Gmail or Yahoo account, messenger will return with 80048821 error saying, Windows Live ID or Password is incorrect, because Gmail is not domain of MSN.

But after following this trick, you won’t have to open install multiple web messengers. Let met guide you how you can access Windows Live Messenger using your own email account which is not a domain of MSN. You’ll be able to login using Gmail, Yahoo or any email account you have.

Go to http://www.passport.net, after the page is loaded scroll down to Sign up today. As shown in figure, click on Get Started Now link of Use an e-mail address you already have.

Now fill up the form with the email address you want to sign up using Windows Live Messenger and other necessary information and click on Continue button.

In next page, retype the email address as shown in the left.

Now, it will inform you to confirm your account in next page. Click on Continue button.

Now you may close the page.

Next, we’ll need to confirm our mail. They’ll send you a confirmation link in the email address that you’ve specified earlier during form fill up.

Login to your Gmail or any email account using respective domain and look for Verification mail from Windows Live Team.

Read the mail properly and click on the confirmation link

Wait a minute! Confirmation is not over yet, you’ll have to login with the new email address and password that you’ve filled up earlier in the form.

For the successful confirmation, you’ll be welcomed to this page.

Now try to login using your Gmail or any email account from Windows Live messenger.

Note: If you have not confirmed properly you’ll be notified.

If you see this screen at the top of your Windows Live Messenger, make sure that you’ve confirmed properly.

Hope this tutorial was really helpful to you.