Mafia Wars Cheats

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Wanna know Mafia Wars Cheats ? Now a days Mafia war is the second popular game on facebook after Facebook Farmvile,In my previous article wrote about Facebook farmvile cheats,so today i present you the list of best mafia war cheats with video instructions.

1) How to Mass Add Mafia Wars Facebook Friends

If you want to be a great Mafia Wars player you need to have a huge mafia.

2) How to Easily Collect Mafia Wars Business Money

Collect fares and fees from your Cuban and Moscow businesses all at once with the push of a button! This tool is a big time-saving bookmarkle

3)How to Earn Max $ and Exp Return with Mafia Wars Energy Pack

Mafia Wars video on getting the most Exp and $$ using an Energy Pack

4) How to Easily Manage Your Mafia Wars Player Updates

This quick video shows you how to manage and clear your Mafia Wars Player Updates screen. Saves lots of time and effort!

5) How to work the Mafia Wars Hitlist for money

6) Mafia Wars Facebook Working The Fight List

A few tips on working the fight list and some really useful links

7)How to cheat Facebook Mafia Wars job automation

Now your computer can play Mafia Wars for you, so can play event while you sleep and get ahead of your friends. Visit the following website to download Facebook Game Automation 1.0.