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xCoins is a unique platform that offers automated bitcoin peer to peer bitcoin “lending” offering the lender a juicy 15% instant return. “Lending” in the form of the borrower pays a security deposit plus fees to the lender and has an open ended time frame to return the USD equivalent. To my knowledge and I have been involved in the xCoins community for almost a year, no one has ever returned the bitcoin as there is no reason to do so. I am going to summarize my thoughts on xCoins below and let you the reader decide if you want to try them.

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What do you need for beginning?

  • xCoins
  • CoinBase
  • spent 2 hours per week to buy new bitcoins with earned money.

How does xcoins works?

Let’s try to explain it with real life example how xcoins works and why you can earn money with this system.
Here is an example when lending BTC in value of $1095,85.

In this scenario you would make 15% profit, xcoins would make 10% profits.

Traditional exchange only allow customer to use bank transfer to buy bitcoin because charge back are practically impossible with bank transfer. But there would be way too much fraud if exchange were using paypal and credit card. If a Credit Card company decided to do a charge back, the exchange would have no recourses and they’d have to stomach the BTC and the money lost.

So why xcoins do it? Because they put the risk of the transaction on the greedy lender that want to make money from the premium. There is currently a 15% premium on the bitcoin lending as seen above. So as long as you’d get fraudulent customer for less than 15% of the time, you’d end up with a profit.

xcoins say that they screen throughly all the people that want to buy Bitocins to reduce the amount of fraud. Also, new users can only withdraw a limited amount of bitcoin and the limit increase overtime for users with good history.

It’s a pretty good system – you can fully automate your “lending” (read: selling) with minimal effort for around 15% ROI on all BTC passed through the system.

Charge-backs are indeed an issue and can wipe out your profits. However, xCoins have recently introduced a scheme where they automatically cover all losses due to charge-backs/fraud until you are back to at least 50% profit. This can be considered insurance, designed to cover any early stage lenders who are unlucky enough to hit get with a charge-back early on, prior to making much profit. xCoins say most people who have been using the system for a while are in profit anyway as the CB rate is relatively low.

Other risks include PayPal closing your account due to “high risk” activities. This risk is decreasing with time, I think, as PP now has relationships with Coinbase etc. now and seem to be softening their stance on BTC. Still, it’s recommended to start lending in low volumes, and slowly increase it so as not to raise flags/alarms. Also, don’t withdraw big sums from PP immediately – always leave enough $ in the PP account to cover possible CBs – this will goes some way to re-assuring PP.

I know that it is a top priority of xCoins to find another payment processor that is more BTC friendly and doesn’t allow CBs (or at least provides decent seller protection), but in the meantime 15% ROI on all BTC that you sell via xCoins is likely worth the risks.

Finally… counter-party risk. As always, don’t store lots coins on the exchange. Transfer a small amount of BTC and start lending. Replenish balance when empty.

For more detail take a look at video below, there you will find step by step instruction necessary to start earning the money via xcoin.

If you have any question please contact me at or leave a comment below.