Make Your Own Animation

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You would like to make your own animation, but you don’t have a pen and a flip book near by? You don’t need them either. One of  these 10 cool websites will do the work.


This site offers a set of backgrounds and characters. Characters have a set of prepared actions and facial expressions. There are also some prepared animation templates. You can add up to 4 audio tracks. You can write down the text to be pronounced, record voice using a microphone or upload a file. You need no absolutely technical nor animation skills to create your animation.

 Make Your Own Animation with goanimate



On this site you create animations in 6 simple steps. You choose your background, characters and one of four plots; type in some dialog; choose some music; and — voila! — you have an animated movie. Despite the extremely limited customization options, it’s actually not a bad looking cartoon.

make animation using dvolver


This is actually a game hosted on Miniclip. You can create whatever drawing you want frame by frame. The tool is very simple to use. A disadvantage is lack of possibility of using audio.

 sketchstar -make your own animation


This website creates animated GIFs from a sequence of pictures. You just upload your pictures and the system creates the animated GIF for you.

animation with picasion


This site also creates animated gifs, but here you can also use your webcam to create pictures.

cool animation

6)Make it share it

On this site you can easily create your animation frame by frame. You can save it and send your link or embed it on your blog or website. No sign up is required.

make animation


7)Loxia Studio

On this site you can easily create animations from the photos you upload. There are numerous 3D effects available.

 make best animation


This website allows you to create your animated character, add your voice and share the animation.

 make your own animation with voki

9)Zimmer Twins

On this site you combine predefined characters and scenes into an animation.

zimmer twins for making animation


This site allows you to upload your photos and make funny animations from them.

photofunny animation