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MapleStory is a very popular 2D multiplayer role playing game. You can play this game of free charge. However, you can buy characters and enhancements for gameplay to make the game even more interesting. It is a pretty simple game in which the players are required to travel inside the Maple World. You need to defeat the monsters that come in your way and as you go on playing the game; you will be able to develop the skills and abilities of your character. While playing you can chat and trade with other online players.

Many people search for MapleStory hacks and cheats on the internet so that they can explore and enjoy the game even more. In order to hack MapleStory, you need to download and install an application called Cheat Engine to perform the hack. You also need to download and install an application that will allow you to bypass Gameguard (a feature of MapleStory that prevents hacking). You can do a research online on Google and find a reliable bypass and install it on your system.

Here are the steps to hack MapleStory:

  1. Run the Cheat Engine application
  2. Launch the MapleStory game.
  3. Choose MapleStory on Cheat Engine so that it recognizes that you want to hack the game.
  4. You need to change the value to AAAAAAAA and then confirm it. You can checkout the values you can add by reading the step 7
  5. You may also have to put a check mark at ZF in order to activate the hack.
  6. Next you need to check if it worked fine. If it did not work, then you may have done a mistake or the game manufacturers may have released a patch for the hack.
  7. Here is a list of values you can try:
  • Godmode: You will never get hurt.
  • Tubi: You can pick up items at fast pace.
  • Meso hack: You are required to hack the server
  • HP hack: You are required to hack the server
  • NX hack: You are required to hack the server.
  • Level hack: You are required to hack the server.
  • Jump hack: It disconnects after you fly for 3 seconds.
  • Speed attack: It disconnects from login server when you are mass attacked.

Here are two online video tutorials that will help you understand how to hack MapleStory:

Some things you need to keep in mind before you consider hacking MapleStory:

  • The Meso/NX hack is not possible as the data is present on the server and hence it is illegal to hack that way. However, hacks are possible and you can find more on hacks from the cheat engine forum. Godmode, speed attack and other hacks can be performed safely as it has got nothing to do with the server.
  • Do not make use of your main account to hack the game, you may get banned and you will end up losing your character as well as your highscore. Hacking in Ant Tunnel or Hunting grounds will result in undesirable consequences.

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