Modifying Send To Menu In Windows

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Many of you may know this trick, but this might be useful to those who doesn’t know about it. I am going to teach you how to add your custom folder or location in “send to”.

The settings of send to menu can be handeled from “Sendto” folder which is hidden and located at user’s page.


%systemroot%/Documents and Settings/USER_NAME/sendto

See the image below:

You can directly type the path address as in address bar above without enabling folder options to show hidden files.

After you open the sendto folder, you’ll see the icons of folder where you can send your files to.

Now to add your own folder in send to menu follow the steps below.

I am assuming that you want “My Pictures” folder of My Documents in send to menu.

To get it to send to menu.

Right click on My Pictures and choose Create shortcut.

Now you’ll see the shortcut of My pictures in the same window.

Copy it and paste it to sendto folder. You may also rename it as you want.

Now try using send to menu, you’ll have your own folder ready there.

Hope this tutorial was helpful.

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