Mozilla Firefox cache files

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What does it mean to actually browse the internet, to visit a site or watch a video for example on Youtube? To do all of these things the browser needs to download the data to your computer from the internet and just then it can be visible to you. After you close your browser, the data is still there, on your hard drive, therefore, every video we watched fully on Youtube is already downloaded, so we don’t need no fancy download tools just to download a simple video from Youtube. After a while, actually when your cache directory reaches its limit(*Tools>Options>Advanced>Network for changing the limit) the data will be erased. But before it does we can just copy paste it out of the cache directory and into perhaps My Documents. This is how the it should be done.

1.Watch a video on youtube(you don’t have to fully watch it, just make sure that the buffering reaches the end.

2.Open a new tab and type about:cache in the address bar

3.There will appear a path to the cache directory. Just copy the path.

4.Open Windows Explorer and paste the address into the address bar

5.Here you got a folder with many files. One of these files is the video we watched earlier on Youtube. How to know which one? We’ll click View>Details and then sort it by size, because videos are always the largest files. Now all of these files bigger then 1,5 Mb are probably videos. By adding .flv to names of any of these files, your video player will open the file and you will be able to see if this is the video you wanted to save. If it is just copy it to your desktop or wherever you want and that’s it.

*If by adding .flv to the name of the file, the file still appears as if it doesn’t have the appropirate program to run with, you haven’t got a flash video player. We recommend downloading GOM player or VLC player.

Here’s a short video tutorial…