MSN: Tips And Tricks

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Get an IP Address of a Friend

Using TCP View , you can easly get IP Address of a friend. Just start conversation on MSN and TCP View will do the rest.

1. Download TCP View
2.Run Tcpview.exe

MSN Hack

3.Start conversation with friend, and you´ll find external ip addresses that are next to msnmsgr.exe. It looks like this

MSN Hack

Multiple MSN Trick

Let’s say you’re using more than one account and you want to have the option of using them all at the same time. There are many ways to get multiple version of MSN , I´ll describe two: registry hack and with using MSN Messenger (WLM) Polygamy 2009

Registry hack:

1. Go to Start, then Run, in Run Option type regedit and click OK
2. When Registry editor appear navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Live\Messenger
( For 64-bit OS : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Live\Messenger)
3. In the right, right click on blank space and New-> DWORD Value

MSN Hack

4. Name the new registry value entry as MultipleInstances, right click on MultipleInstances and select Modify

MSN Hack

5.Set Value as 1

MSN Hack

6. Restart your computer and start as many MSN as you want from Start Menu

Note: Before each registry hack , you shoud create Registry backup, in case something goes wrong.

MSN Messenger (WLM) Polygamy 2009:

I have already written post about MSN Messenger (WLM) Polygamy 2009, on this link you can find how to install and set up MSN Messenger (WLM) Polygamy 2009

Save your Windows Messenger conversations

If you have important conversation, that you need to remember, you can save the text of the conversation using this simple tip.

In the Conversation window, click File., then click Save As

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Save your document as RTF document or same other document.

MSN Hack