Ninja Saga Hacks

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Ninja Saga is an exciting game that can be enjoyed on popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. You can find people playing this game for hours. There are plenty of Ninja Saga Hacks that allows you to uplevel quickly, get token coins, recruit friends, etc.

Here is ninja saga hack that will help in leveling up fast and enjoy the game even more. It requires you to download Cheat Engine 5.5. It is a handy tool that lets you modify some of the games that you play online. Many Facebook users are well aware of this application and it has successfully helped many users in trying ‘cheats’ in their favorite games such as Farmville, Pet Society, CafeWorld and many others. You can download Cheat Engine from its official website.

Clearing levels are quite a challenge on Ninja Saga and however once you hack it you will be quickly move on to the level you want. After downloading the application, install it and try the following hack:

  1. Sign into your Ninja Saga account on your social networking profile.
  2. Launch the Cheat Engine application and then select the web browser you use.
  3. The value type should be kept as 8bytes and then you need put a check near ascrom.
  4. In the hex box, you need to enter the code: 3B0008C25B5E0689 and then select scan.
  5. The scan will yield 4-2 addresses, you need to right click on the Bottom address and click on Disassemble and then you need to right click again and choose ‘Toggle breakpoint’.
  6. Now you need to go to your Ninja Saga account and choose your character and then start playing the game.
  7. You will notice the freeze on the game because of the breakpoint you set.
  8. You need to click on Debug and then click on Run and repeat this step once again.
  9. A red line that says ‘EAX xxxxxxx’ will appear on the Registries panel. You need to click and it will prompt you enter the new address. Here you need to enter ‘FF011B8A’.
  10. Right click on the entered address and then you need to remove the breakpoint from click on ‘Toggle breakpoint’.
  11. Click on Debug and then click on Run.
  12. Now when you go to play the Ninja Saga game, you will find yourself on level 336.

If you are unable to follow the steps mentioned above, you can watch the following online video tutorial. You will come to know how you can uplevel quickly as well as get more coins.

Note: The procedure that is present on the video is different from the one mentioned above.

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