Notify When An Email Send By You Is Read By Recipient

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Would like to know whenever an send by you is read? Would like to know the number of times it is read? Now there is an option for that. There is a website called it enables us to track the email we have send totally free.But how? Whenever you use this site to track it is easy. They will give you a picture(which you can upload according to your situation) with some links on it to note whenever that email is read. You have to embed that image with your email and just send it. You can use it with any email provider like gmail,Hotmail,yahoo etc

All you have to do is signup for an account at

Then upload your favorite image.

After uploading click on spypig factory(above upload button). Then you can add some additional info for the image.

Just copy and paste the image into the email.
To get the records on tracking just login into their website. That’s all. There you can see the number of times your email hase read(opened) and much more.