CMD Hacks: Open Command Prompt From Desired Folder In Windows XP

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If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you might have noticed Open command window here.  If you don’t know about it then hold down SHIFT button and right click on any folder, there you’ll see Open Command Window here. Clicking that link will instantly load command prompt window inside the folder that you’ve right clicked on.

It was for Windows Vista and later versions. Lower version of windows like windows 2000 and windows is not loaded up with such options. However you can manually tweak the registry values to get it in your windows XP.

In this tutorial I am going to teach you same.

Open Notepad by going to Run Command (Windows + R OR Start> Run), type “notepad”(without quotes).

Copy and paste the following code:

@="Open Command from here"
@="cmd /k \"cd %L\""

Now save it on desktop as “command.reg” (with quotes (see the image below).

Now you’ll have following shortcut icon.

Double click to open it. It will ask to add information in registry or not.

Click YES.

Again it will notify that registry has been modified. Click OK

Now try right clicking on any folder, you’ll see Open Command from here. Click it.

You’ll notice that command prompt windows load up in the directory that you’ve right clicked on.

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