Open Folder With An Alias Name Through Run Prompt

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In this tutorial we´ll see quickest way through which you can open favorite folders and programs.
With this trick , you´ll be able to open many folders or programs in a short period of time. It is really useful, at least by my opinion. Lets see how it works on my computer. In my example , p is for open E:\pc hacks directory and m is for open E:\moj ftp server\movie directory . Watch video guide:

Step 1: Create shortcuts

Step 2: Rename shortcuts to alias names

Step 3: Cut or Paste shortcuts to C:\WINDOWS. Any file or shortcut you place inside C:\windows folder is a command for run prompt.

Step 5: Go to Run option and type alias name. In my example alias names are p and m
Faster way : press window key+r and alias key and enter.