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In this post I’ll show you real process behind cracking password. This will be introduction to the couple method of password cracking : guessing , brute force attack and dictionary attack .
Here I will cracking something simple and legal , it’s PDF file. If you have PDF and you forget the password
it’s legal to use password cracking software to retrieved.

1) Guessing

It’s the easiest way to gain access . Here are few guessing tips:

  • Try common passwords , go to the link

    So first try numeric counting up to the number 9 . You can try any of combination from passwords on that page , you’ll be suprised how often that actually work.
  • Name combination (ex. markhunt,mhunt,etc)
  • Personal likes(ex. bands,songs,sports,movie charactes, etc.)
  • Combine these tips (ex. jazzjoe,eojzza)
  • Try adding numbers at the end , such as the number 1 or an important year.

If the person that created password is not technically then after trying this few tips , your probably guess his password. But if that not work you’ll need to move to something more advance.
This advance usually use specific cracking software .

Password Cracking Using Software

In this case I’ll use pdf cracking software . Download windows free pdf unlocker from this link

PDF unlocker envols two password cracking method called brute force and dictionary attack .
First select PDF that you want to crack and select the destination for the cracked version of it.
You’ll see two option for minimal and maximal length of password.

Dictionary Attack

  • Very common password cracking attack
  • Will find the password if it is an actual word
  • Scans through a word file until it finds the correct password
  • With this program you can create and use own dictionary list , but if you browse through installation
    directory you’ll see one has been already install with this program.

If this attack fail the you should use brute force attack .

Brute Force Attack

  • Uses a list of all possible characters
  • Systematically cycles through all the characters unitil the password is found
  • This program offer sufix and prefix fields in case you know how the password begins and ends

Hopefully this post not only taught you the science of password cracking , but also how to make yours more secure

If you want more hacking, step by step tutorials with images , I recommend A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking This ebook is great start to begin learning about password cracking phishing. network hacking, wireless hacking, malware, Windows hacking.