PSP Hacks

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Looking for PSP hacks? Here you will find coolest psp hacks , such as Play Backup Games , Play Homebrew Applications , Play Games From Other Consoles (N64, GameCube, SNES, Sega) , Access to Over 2000 Free Games , Play Region-Locked Games (Import Games). Just follow our easy step by step guide to hack your PSP.

Step 1

You must first determine which version of the PSP you have. The easiest way to determine what version you have is to look at the bottom of your PSP, next to the “DC IN” there is a bar code with a serial number below it. There will be a number in the following format BA012345682-PSP2001. This serial number belongs to PSP 2000 series, if the number ends with PSP300X it’s the 3000 series, and if it ends with PSP100X it is the 1000 series.
Now you will need to check the official firmware of your PSP. To do so,
start your PSP go to Settings, than go to System Settings. The first three numbers under System Software represent your current Firmware.
5.03 and below: Can be unlocked
Above 5.03: Cannot be unlocked

Step 2

Download the appropriate file for your PSP model, and unzip it on your PC.

– If you have a PSP 1000 series, download the following files,
– If you have a PSP 2000 or 3000 series, download the following files,

Step 3

For complete instructions download our guide PSP Hacker.
If you think this guide is something you would be interested in, you can get it here. PSP Hacker. This guide, ‘Unlock Your PSP’, shows you how, in detailed step-by-step instructions, the safe way to unlock your PSP without a chip or a pandora battery, so for the price of $34.95 it is probably a very good deal.