Remove all drives from My Computer

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If you got a hold of your friend’s computer and you want to scare him, this is a great tip for you. With a bit of Registry manipulation we can easily make drives (Floopy, harddisks, …) invisible;

1. Select Start , then Run, Start->Run

2.In Run option type regedit

3. HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft->Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Policies-> Explorer

4. In Explorer folder create Dword Value, right click – > new -> DWORD Value, set name for example NoDrive, then modify value in 3FFFFFF

Click OK, after this drives in My Computer will become invisible If you want to make drives visible again, just delete DWORD Value.

*When working in the Registry Editor, be very careful, because any error can cause problems in the functioning of the operating system!!!