Run Registry Editor From Guest Account Even If It Is Blocked

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Registry editor is well known registration directory where windows keep all the records of their setting files. Keeping it inaccessible from other users is extremely necessary in the point of view of security of data and information. Wherever you are, public cyber cafes, Library, College labs, etc you’ll see that you cannot access the heart utilities like Registry Editor.

The Regedit.exe is only the executable file to list up registries in systematically. You can arrange the registry’s easily by your own if you are a good programmer. But who is talking about programming here? I am talking about the program which is alternative for registry editor, RegAlyzer. This works exactly similar to Windows’ registry editor, only the difference is it’s name and it’s third-party.

This tool might be great help if you want to have instant hack to public computers and networks.

You can easily Download RegAlyzer from here.

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