Search High Quality Images In Google

Posted by Suraj Kayastha in Articles, Internet

Whenever you search in Google Image search, you’ll have large list of thumbnails. To get the real high quality source of that image, you’ll have to browse to inner core location of the source file. These sometimes become hectic job, especially when your search ends up with very low quality or low resolution images.

Though new Google Image Search UI provides users to choose the size of image, it still loads the list of thumbnails. Not always but sometimes you may have desired to have direct high quality images listed in search results rather than those thumbnails.

If you are really interested in listing high quality image results from Google Search Engine directly listed with direct image link then let me introduce you with Google Image Ripper.

With Google Image Ripper, you can easily list the high quality images from the source directly.

Google Image Ripper utilizes the power of Google Image search, and it also enables you to choose the size and type of image initially, without making you to utilize high bandwidth.

If you are interested in any of the image, then just right click and save it as any image file name.

It wills conserve lots of your time. You can especially search several high quality wallpapers using this technique.

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