Send Free Sms From Any Number To Any Number

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Have you ever wanted to trick your friends and make them think they won something? Well, in this post you will see how to send sms anonymously and for free. Just follow the steps bellow and you could prank your friends in any way you want. Its very simple using smsglobal.

1) Sign up for free on smsglobal

2) Fill out the details as shown below.

3) You will get 25 credits, which means that you can send about 25 sms from any number to any number. Tip: You can use this again if you register with another e-mail (which you can make easily) and a new mobile phone number.

4) You will get a password sent to the mobile phone number you entered, then use that password to log in.

5) Now go to send sms to number

6) Fill out the details as shown below.

Tip: You must not enter a number in the sender id. You can change that into something like: Lottery or Police.
And thats it, now you can laugh while you see the reaction of your friends reading the sms you sent to them.