Test any programming language without software development kit

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Just before this article, I wrote an article about creating a first “Hello world” program in top 10 must learn programming language. But the bad thing when you read that article is, you are no taught where to practice such coding.

If you really want to go in-depth of PHP programming, you’ll probably have to install PHP server either in your PC or some external server. If you want to practice java, then you’ll have to download its Software Development Kit (SDK). Similarly, you’ll need Turbo C or similar platform to test your first C program.

It is ok if you just want to learn C programming and download Turbo C or Borland C. But if you just want to test a simple program about PHP or Python or anything you are not familiar with then what would you do? Obviously there won’t be any option than downloading the SDK to your hard drive and fill up your disk just to test a simple program which you don’t want it again.

In this case, I guess I can help you at some extent. Because downloading and installing Software Development Kit is really a time consuming.  Imagine how large SDK installation file you will download just to test a Hello Word program.

Have you ever wished such online compiler or interpreter for your simple programming test?

Codepad is such a online tool that will do a job as your SDK would have.

See how it easily interprets a simple PHP echo code:

And here is the clean output:

Using Codepad.org interface is very easy and good thing is that it’s free.

Code or paste your program code in the text input field. Choose the right programming language available at the left  and click on Submit button.

Alternatively, you can choose Private Checkbox to make your programming code confidential.

Codepad actually allows you to share the programming code with working live action in the link page.  This means that you can easily share your programming works with your friends easily. Upon submittion of the code, you’ll get the code and output in next screen.

Not only it interprets the code but also shows error found.

If you are a programmer who thinks that you are still learning and will always be learning then this tool might come handy for you. A group of programmers and students can also benefit from codepad for their project or college assignments.