Photoshop Tutorials: Text Reflection

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This is great photoshop tutorial for website logo and etc. In few steps you can create nice reflection text .It looks like this:

1) Create new document , File-> New

2) Set the dimensions

3)Select Horizontal Type Tool (T) [shotcut key is T] as shown below

4) Layer->Duplicate Layer

5)Set name for duplicate Layer, as shown below

6)In layer tab select duplicate layer

7)Add layer mask, as shown below

8)Transform->Flip Vertical

9)You get invert letters, as shown below

10) Select Gradient tool [shortcut key: G] with the default colors going from black to white. Point your cursor on the top edge of the shadow, and drag downward. You should get something as shown below You might have to try this a few times until you get it right

11)Finally we get reflection text