The Most Common WordPress Errors And Their Solutions

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The existence of WordPress in this world has been more than 13 years now, and it has successfully enabled millions of people to begin with their websites and businesses online. But, as the saying goes nobody is perfect in this world, everyone has some flaws and so does the WordPress has.

Millions of people are working with the help of this platform in different workspaces and for different purposes which makes things rough and difficult for the users at times when the WordPress runs into issues. There are numerous WordPress problems that people come across at least once while using this platform. But the best part about it is that people have undergone the issues and have come out tremendous solutions to overcome the big problems.

The following article, you will learn about the most common types of WordPress errors and problems and the best solutions to deal with them. This will help you be prepared to deal with them if you run into some emergency situations in the wild.



First Things First: Backup Your Site

Before you get started with the WordPress Problems and their solutions, first of all, you need to backup your website before beginning with the changes. This way if you get into something wrong from where you cannot return, you can always get to the point where everything was running smoothly.

Take backups, or you can take the help of the WordPress plug-in solutions as well. No matter what you choose, make sure you are intact before things get wrong.

The Common Types Of WordPress Errors And Their Effective Solutions

The most important thing that you will require when is running into any problem is patient mind. If you panic, you will get into more trouble, and that might get you into making very bad decisions.

In most of the cases you will see that the problem might look complicated and complex, but when you try finding out the solution, you will realize how small the problem was. As you know, the WordPress problems and quite common and people have come out with effective solutions and their websites back into action and so can you.

You will require two effective tools to solve the WordPress solutions, and they are:

  • FTP client
  • Text editor


  1. WordPress Parse Or The Syntax Error

This type of a problem occurs when you add code snippets to your website through the functions.php. When you reload the page you come across a page completely blank with something like this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected’) in C:/xampp/htdocs/WordPress/wp-content/themes/twenty sixteen/functions.php online 239.

How To Solve It?

There is nothing to worry when you look at such message popping up on your screen; it only means that you have entered the wrong code which needs to be corrected. Browsers look at every single detail, and they will send this page to your website even if you miss out on a single bracket or a semicolon.

Resolve this problem you need to go back to the previous page and correct the code with your syntax.

This is not of a big problem as the browser will send you back where the file has been issued and will also tell you which line has issues of passing error. You need to dial into your server with the help of FTP and browse through the file in question, click on the right click option and choose edit, now find the line of the error message that is pointing out. You can either correct the syntax or delete the question code.

After doing the changes, re-upload the file and go back to your website, refresh the page once again, and voila! Your work is done.

  1. Internal Server Error

This is yet another major problem for all the WordPress website users, and it is called as the internal server error or a 500 internal server error. It means that something has gone wrong and your server is unable to find the problem.



How To Solve It?

There can be some reasons for an internal server error to occur and for which there are several types of ways that you can try and solve it.

  1. Increase The Limit Of PHP Memory

The internal server error can occur with insufficient memory and during this situation; you have to increase the availability limit of your memory. This you can do inside wp-config.php. To do this, you have to open the file again with the help of FTP and add the following line over there:

Define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’)

This will increase the limit for your available memory 264 MB. You can also increase it up to 128 MB or 256 MB if required. If the problem were insufficient space for the memory, it would get solved instantly.

  1. Deactivating All The Plug-Ins

This common WordPress error is caused because of a problem in the plug-in or its compatibility. Learning more about the WordPress errors can help you deal with them.

The best way to solve it is by deactivating all the plug-ins and then eventually reactivating each one of them one at a time until you get along with the main culprit. If you do not have any access to the admin area, you can directly deactivate the plug-ins by giving them other names to the plug-in folders that can be done inside the WP- content with the help of FTP.



With millions of users and websites working on such an amazing platform with thousands of server setup and an immensely innovative combination themes and plug-ins, WordPress is bound to get into certain troubles from time to time. The problems that have been discussed above are the two common issues that are faced by the users every once in a while, and the beginners look for the solutions to deal with them.

It is for sure that nobody would like to get into troubles with their website while working; you can take the help of effective solutions from the ways mentioned above and get relieved instantly. 000webhost has presented better options to solve this issue.