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This Is Why You Failed To Learn How To Hack

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Learning how to hack doesn’t have to be difficult, but then why do most people end up quitting? Well, there are a few reasons.

1. Author’s and information publishers present the information wrong.

The authors write these ethical hacking tutorials without considering the fact that you might not understand all the technical terms they talk about. Or they expect you to have all the technical knowledge it requires to execute the ethical hacking attack they are “teaching” you.

2. They leave you without any way to practice what you’ve learned.

To really learn something, you have to take action and try it yourself. But these tutorials just leave you hanging. What are you going to do now? Go out and illegally “attempt” to do it against a random website and hope it works? Then get in trouble? No.

3. Confused about something? Oh well, figure it out yourself.

Once you’ve gone through their tutorial, there’s a big chance that you now have questions. Try contacting them, probably won’t be able to, and if you do, they probably don’t care enough to help you out.

It’s because of this failed approach to teaching ethical hacking that I came out with my own Ethical Hacking course called the Inner Circle. Here, teach you the right way –

1. In the Inner Circle, I assume that you know absolutely nothing about the hacking topic at hand. I teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to able to replicate the attack on your own. You’ll be able to even explain it

to a friend, that’s how well you will know it.

2. In the Inner Circle, I show you how to set up your own personal and safe practice environment on your own computer.

After every Ethical Hacking Course, I leave you with a haxercise to practice what you’ve learned. How awesome is that?

3. In the Inner Circle, all your questions and confusions will be answered.

Got questions? You have a couple options.

You can ask your fellow Inner Circle members in the Community Forum. Not only will they help you out, but you will probably make some great friends that share your same interest of Ethical Hacking. Cool huh?


Email me! I’m always available to help you understand a hacking topic, or walk you through a haxercise that you might have trouble with.

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