Top 10 Android Hacks

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Android, the OS that is widely being used on latest smartphones and tablet PCs, is one platform that can be hacked to do various exciting which you never thought it could do. Here we have complied top 10 Android hacks that can be done by anyone:

1. Android on Your Old iPhone
Yes, this is possible if you have jailbroken your iPhone 2G or 3G device.  All you need to do is add a repository, download the Android version – Froyo and press the Go button. Here is the video on how to do it.

2. Replace the GPS System of Your Car
To do this hack, you need an Android phone with TV-out feature and a car. Rather than investing on a satnav for navigation, you can make use of Google’s online navigation. By doing this hack, you will be able to view your music collection, social networking feeds, latest news on the dashboard of your car. Watch the video tutorial to know how to do this hack:

3. Save Battery Life by Hacking the OLED Display
Here is a cool hack that will help you save your battery on Android phones like Google Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy that come with OLED display. Darker colors especially red colors on OLED displays consume less power. Here is a video to know how to perform this hack:

4. Get into Lock World of Angry Birds
Undoubtedly, Angry Birds is the most popular game when it comes to deciding on a game favored by many on Android. Here is a hack for Angry Birds lovers to get into the two locked worlds.

5. Run Ubuntu
This hack is only possible on latest Android phones. Rather than booting on to the Android OS, you can run Ubuntu seamlessly on your phone. Since Ubuntu was not developed for touch interfaces, you may find it difficult to run Ubuntu on phones that have small screens.

6. Change the Interface of Your Phone
Thanks to numerous customizations you can do on Android, it is considered to be the most versatile operating system. There are plenty of apps such as LauncherPro, Home++ and Helix Launcher. With these tools, you can add animated wallpapers, use attractive icons and add widgets and so on.

7. Turn Your Motorola Droid into a USB Host
By doing this hardware hack, you can turn your Motorola Droid into a USB host which can be connected to any device. It does not need you to open your device.
Visit this link to know how you can do it.

8. Gmote Control Your Media Collection on Your PC
Gmote is a cool application that lets you access your media collection through Wi-Fi connectivity on your phone. You need to download the Gmote client and install it on your phone and you also need to download and install Gmote Server app for your computer. Run the app on your phone and connect to the PC server and you will be access the media files easily on your phone.

9. Free Up Space by Moving Caches

This is yet another simple hack that will let you increase free space on your Android phone which will let you add more data on your phone. By doing this hack, you will be moving caches present on your phone to your SD card. Visit this link to understanding the steps to do this hack.

10. Overclocking Your Android

If your Android performing in sluggish manner, you need to try this hack to optimize your phone’s performance. This hack involves risk of damaging your phone. The hack will cause the processor to clock at a faster pace.