Top 10 Free Online Games

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Want to play free online games? As we know that today millions of online games are available and also know that today various web-sites providing the best online games facility. There are plenty of good free online games that you can have fun and to help you out, we decided to provide you the list of top 10 free online games (web-sites) that are very unique, interesting to play and in fine look with lots of fun. Let’s begin!

1. Cricket Games

As we know that cricket is very popular and simple (to play) game in sports as famous in whole world. Today, it is considered as basic common game as in this all you need is to have bat, players, stemp and ball to play.

So, Cricket on your mind but no one to play with? You’re in a fix. So what would you normally do? Sit at home and look out of the window. Not any more, just sit back relax and make your computer screen your playground coz we bring to you a collection of online Cricket games like no other. For all those who eat, sleep, live Cricket and others there’s a whole lot of free Cricket games you can choose from. Make the gully your playground. Play Cricket with a little twist and a lot of fun in the Gully Cricket game. Learn to play by the book, score 6s and 4s at a flip in the World Cup Book Cricket game or just smack it all the way in the Super Sixers game. What’s more – there are loads of other free Cricket games to play. Play from our selection of online Cricket games that we have pitched in for you and pad yourself up to whack some balls.


2. Fighting Games-

As we know that game is divided in many categories in which fighting game is one of them. In fighting, you need to play as a mission and complete it.

So, the objective of the game is to finish all the missions and stay alive. You just escaped prison and want to make a name for yourself in the criminal world. Use your cunning and underground skills to finish tasks handed down by the boss. Thus, want to play this type of games as- Just Click here!

Play Fighting Games

3.Arcade Games

Arcade game, a type of game genre that is a fast-paced action game (for PC or console), and requiring hand-eye coordination skill to play. For example, Pinball games for the PC would be considered an arcade game.

Best example of arcade game is “Sonic game” as Race Sonic through the stages to win.


4.Bike game (two wheeler game)

Bike game is really an interesting to play in which you will ride with bike as will participate in a race and if get position one then, to win.

So, take risks and hurdle obstacles as quickly as you can in “Risky Rider”. If you can surmount the jumps in each level you will move on to more extreme obstacles and will have opportunities to take more risky moves. If you can successfully achieve awesome bike riding tricks, you will graduate to the next level and handle slightly more difficult jumps. If you like amazing bike themed flashed game you will enjoy Risky Rider; it is a free game that you can appreciate no matter what age you are.


Visit bike game video below-

5.Skeet Shoot

Skeet shoot game is very simple game to play as all you need is to shoot lots of skeet as you can and with respect to this you will get points. This is really interesting as just concentrate and shoot with interest. Advance levels and get points along the way by shooting the targets. 500 bonus points if you can shoot 2 with 1 shot!

PLAY Skeet Shoot

6. Puzzle game

Puzzle game is also an interesting game as based fully on mind game. In this game, all you need is to solve puzzles and win. It is typical and unique to play. So, play free online lots of puzzle games such as related to math puzzle games, physics puzzle games, word puzzle games, adventure puzzle games, board puzzle games, mahjong games etc.


For example- Play Puzzle Bubble Bros Game. Puzzle Bubble Bros makes you want to play free online games all the time. Match up the mushrooms in groups of three or more to pop them off the puzzle. Use mouse to aim. Left click to shoot.

7.Car, truck or other four wheeler racing games

These type of games are really an interesting to play in which you will ride with car, truck or other four wheeler vehicles as will participate in a race and if get position one then, to win.


8.Sports Games

As we know that today, lots of sports games are available as baseball, football, basketball, tennis ball, foosball, etc. And for these, you need is to have a team of players to play but, if you having no players or no suitable place then, the best way is to play online free on computer as no need to have team. You can play these all in unique way and make your time pass speedily. So, here we are providing a web-site that having a lots of unique sports games.


9.Chess Game

To refresh your mind, the best way is to play chess game. In gaming, Chess game is very interesting game as to fresh our mind as I think. This is generally two-player game as having some rules to play. Do you having no against player? Then, you can play with computer as computer can make your against player. Don’t know as how to play chess game? Don’t worry, just click here! And get all information about it. So, don’t wait as begin your game against computer and make time pass speedily with refresh your mind.


10.Card games

Card Game is a game of cards as including different types of cards as named- Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. These cards are generally used to play as you need to have some players and to follow some rules according to play. Now, you can also play this freely as no need of players as just need to go on free online card games web-site

As we know that everyone gets bored a work. Work is most stimulating when your brain is engaged. Typically the days where we are the busiest tend to fly by. On other days in the office, there just isn’t a lot of work to do. Those days we tend to feel bored and disengaged. Those were the days I personally dreaded back when I was working in an office job. You may think it’s a bad idea to play card games on your computer at work… but I would strongly disagree. Today’s office environments seem to fluctuate between high stress and boredom. John Medina, in his book “Brain Rules”, concludes in Rule #8 that stress actually impairs brain function. Taking a few minutes at work to lower your stress levels with a card game may actually help you to complete your tasks better and faster.

So, here we are providing a best card games web-site which having a collection of different card games as Spades, Hearts, Euchre, Solitaire, Golf Solitaire, BlackJack, War, and a variety of Poker Games. Don’t wait, just go click here!

Finally, these all above are top ten best free online games. We hope you like it as now don’t bored, just play, good bye…