Top 15 WordPress Hacks

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Here is the list of top 15 wordpress hacks that will improve your wordpress blog . Let’s start !

1.How To Create Mobile Version Of Your Website / Blog

1) Go To

2) Add content to your app ,

3)Chose Content Name and Layout

4) Make design of your app

5) Describe your app and set download URL

6) If you want you can choose to make money wit your app via AdMob

That is it , this easiest way to make own mobile app , but it isn’t free , this will cost you 90 $ per year

2. Random Redirect

Allows you to create a link to which will redirect someone to a random post on your blog, in a StumbleUpon-like fashion.

3. Exclude certain categories from being displayed

To exclude certain categories use wordpress plugin Advanced Category Excluder

4. WordPress Page Redirect template

The very nature of WordPress demands that you work within it’s infrastructure in order to maintain flexibility. Sometimes, though, the structure of your pages demand that you need to operate outside of this constraint.
This template lets you specify a single URL as the page content, then as the page loads, the template automatically redirects the page to this new location.

5. How To Add Email This Button

Just copy/paste code in place where you want to add Email This button . It looks as this

6. How To Hide Advertisements For Single Posts

Who Sees Ads is wordpress plugin that hide advertisements for any particular post

7. How To Open Links in New Windows

Open quicktags.js in the wp-admin folder and find:

replace it with

8. How To Recover WordPress Password

9 . How To Enable Multiple Blogs From Single WordPress Installation

By default, WordPress does not support multiple blogs from single installation. However you can see some websites like, and Haravard University using multiple blogs from single installation. If you want multiple blogs using WordPress, you must actually install each separately (that is, as a separate WordPress installation with separate database) READ MORE

10. How to add Disqus Comment system to your WordPress Blog

Literally pronounced ‘discuss’ is what many people are talking about. Disqus comment system allows more socialization with your comments and traffics. As a blog owner, you might be little more interested add this dynamic commenting system which is accessible from anywhere. READ MORE

11. How To Install WordPress Locally On XAMP

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms on the internet because it offers so much greater functionality as themes, plugins that can be downloaded, installed and utilized for absolutely free, auto ping functionality… In this article I’ll show you how to install and run WordPress locally on XAMP. READ MORE

12. How To Add Reddit Buttons


13. WP Date Image Hack

I am posting the simple hack I made with using dynamic images to replace the date entries of my blog. Just follow the short tutorial here to implement the same with your WordPress blog . READ MORE

14. How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

Depending on the web hosting company you choose and the package you select, each of you will see maximum file upload limit on your Media Uploader page in WordPress. For some it is as low as 2MB which is clearly not enough for media files like (audio / video). Most pictures are under 2MB, so it is fine for just pictures. In this article, we will show you how to increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress. READ MORE

15. How to detect mobile visitors on your WordPress blog

As mobile devices, as such as Blackberries or iPhones, are becomming more and more popular, bloggers may want to detect those visitors and redirect them to a mobile version of their blog. Here is a recipe to detect mobile visitors.