Top 3 Free Keylogger

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If you want to know what your buddy or co-workers are doing online , you  should use keylogger. It’s simple stealth software that sits between keyboard hardware and the operating system, so that it can record every key stroke. Keylogger has great  ability to hide themselves, so that no one  can figure out that you monitoring and capturing information about a computer’s use. There are two types of keyloggers: software  and hardware .  Hardware keylogger is  a tiny hardware device ; just  plug it in between your keyboard cable and your computer and it is ready to keeps a record of all key strokes typed on the keyboard. I personally use software keylogger , because it is free. Here you can find the list of my top 3 free undetectable keylogger .


Refog Free Keylogger beats competition in two respects: it’s simple to use and it’s free. I’ve seen too many spying products that are bloated with unnecessary bells and whistles and are impossible to use by moms and dads. Not this one. It’s easy to install and to use, and it costs nothing.

Free Keylogger

2)Revealer Keylogger Free Edition

best free keylogger

3)Super Free Keylogger

Super Free Keylogger is a completely free Keylogger thats now available from The software is easily installed and runs in complete stealth on your PC. Once running Super Free Keylogger monitors all keystrokes pressed and optionally, sends the results to your email account.

one of the best free keylogger

I’ve added one more keyloggers , so now it is top 4 free keylogger :) .

4)Actual Keylogger

It is free keylogger which runs hidden in the background and automatically records all keystrokes (including Alt, Ctrl and other functional buttons). The interface can be password protected and the log files are encrypted. You can view the reports as HTML or plain text. In the hidden mode it is invisible in all operating systems. This free keylogger will be really helpful to both the system administrators and home users.

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If you want high quality keylogger , I recommend remote keylogger SniperSpy . Sniperspy is completely reliable and user-friendly,It is worth price that you pay for it.