Top 4 Twitter Hacks

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Looking for cool twitter hacks ? In this post I’ll show you top 4 twitter hacks : custom twitter backgrounds, how to do twit of more than 140 characters, how to know who has unfollowed you, automated twitter followers

1. Custom Twitter Backgrounds

Good background themes really can add charms in your profile. In twitter, you can choose nineteen basic background themes as you have no option to choose rather than them but, it is possible to use and customize backgrounds according to your choice. In order to do it, you have to go to and there, select your desired theme and download it. Now, the next step is to upload it in your twitter account. In this way, you can set your own custom twitter background. You can also go-to and can create your own custom theme as all you need to sign in your twitter account in order to set it for twitter. So, in-order to select background theme for your twitter’s profile, you have to go to- Settings- Design Menu.

2. How to do twit of more than 140 characters

Twitter doesn’t allow posting texts more than 140 characters but, it is possible to post texts more that 140 characters by using web-site named- Yes, Twit Longer is an easy way to post long messages to twitter as write what you need at Tweet Longer and Tweet Longer will post the link to twitter for you.

3. How to know who has unfollowed you

In order to know about who has un-followed you in your twitter’s account as for it; you have to go to and there, sign in by your twitter account. Now, the next step is to enter your email-id and then, this service will tell you information about who has un-followed you.

4. Automated Twitter Followers

Yes, now you can get automated twitter’s followers with the help of is a unique service that allows you to automatically grow and maintain your Twitter’s Follower base. In, you can do-
1. Automatically searches recent tweets and user profiles for people with similar interests.
2. Automatically Follows People with the same interests.
3. Automatically Un-Follows those Twitter users that don’t follow you back, this helps maintain a balance between followers and following.
So, is a great way in-order to increase your twitter followers and manage your twitter account.

Finally, these above twitter features are really interesting to do. I hope you like this page…