Unable to delete a file?

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Were you ever unable to delete a file?..you click delete and a message like this or like this occurs.

That is when windows are using the program in that instance and the program needs to be shut down. So we go to Task Manager>Processes and find the process and end it.

But what if that process is already ended and we still have the same message appearing over and over again. That happens when Windows still use one of the threads of the process but not the whole process. So, if the process/program is not essential for the OS then we can just delete the file through command prompt;

1.Remember where the file is located

2.Click ctrl-alt+delete and end explorer from the process list…Once you removed explorer Windows will not be able to see what exactly are you doing with the files.

3.Click File and New task. Type in cmd

4.Now when you open cmd, the navigator is probably located in c:\Document and Settings\Username

5.We need to navigate from this folder to the folder where the file is…Using commands cd .. to go up and   cd foldername to enter a designated folder

6.Once we’re in the desired folder, by using the dir command we can see all the files in the folder .

7. By typing in del foldername prompt will delete the file.

8.Now just type in explorer.

*it’s important to know that the file you’re deleting is not essential to the functioning of the OS