Upload Files To Multiple File Hosting Sites Just By A Click

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In most cases you upload the files to one or two websites and in some cases some users may not be able to download from those sites. You just signup for accounts in several sites like mediafire,rapidshare,ziddu,hotfiles 2Shared etc…That is a tedious and time consuming work. So what to do? Here is a solution for that. Just use the given below website and they will automatically upload your files to around 20 hosting websites and you need to share only their one link in your posts and your users will be redirected to a webpage where all other links are available….. so what to wait? Jjust signup for a account. Its totally free. You can also customize the sites in which your files have to be uploaded. Their website caption is “upload once,distribute everywhere”

So at a glance they will do what you have to do…. Or they will upload instead of you doing it. Only you need to upload your files to their server(only once) and the rest they will do……..

1) Go to embedupload.com

2)Signup for an account (use contact form in contact page)

3) Once you get approved just login to your account

4) You can upload files to these website.(each website has got file limit. You can see that limit when you keep your mouse over those logos of their websites). Select the servers in which your files hhave to be uploaded.

5)Then you will get a link to be shared. Just share it in your websites and let your users enjoy.
If you have any confusion about the usage of embedupload visit: http://www.embedupload.com/terms.php