Uploading Files To Website Using Windows Inbuilt FTP Uploader

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Many of the beginners like you might be in dilemma to upload the webpage you designed to your website. Some of you may not even have a website. Well, this time I am here with a detailed step by step tutorial which will guide you through each and every steps to create a website and upload your web files.

If you already have website (www.domianname.com) then you may skip the domain registration process and directly start  from Final steps for uploading.

But if you are beginner then follow the steps from here.

I am using awardspace’s web host to demonstrate this example.

Go to www.awardspace.com.

Click on the Free Web Hosting plan

In next page, choose Free subdomain and click Next.

Fill up the form with necessary information and agree their TOS.

Now in next page. Choose FREE Web in Plan Name and click Next.

Now they’ll send you an email to the email a/c you’ve just submitted in the form.

Open the email.

You’ll get following details in the email with username and password.

Note it down for future reference.

Now go to www.awardspace.com/members.html

In the Hosting Control Panel, fill up your login details and click LOGIN.

After successfully logging in, click Website Manager in the horizontal navigation bar.

Since we are using free domain name (i.e. free subdomain service provided by awardspace), we’ll have to manage subdomain by going to subdomain manager. Click on Subdomain Manager.

Fill up the form with your new website address and click on Add Subdomain button.

Now if the domain name is not already taken then you’ll be welcomed to the page with subdomain name listed.

Note down the path of the subdomain name. This is the folder in the web host where all of your web page files must reside.

Now open Windows explorer or My Docuemnts. And in the address bar type the ftp address of your web domain.

In this case it’s ftp://youcanhack.awardspace.info.

In the address bar the small folder icon will change to folder with globe symbol in it.

Right click on the blank space in the ftp window and click on Login As.

Fill up the login form with your username and password which was provided in your email.

Click on Login (Save password if necessary).

You’ll have the folder with your web domain name entered in it.

This is where you’ll have to copy the web page files that you’ve created.

Also remember that you must have web page file named index.html/index.php or anything to enable youcanhack.awardspace.info to redirect to your homepage. In this case you can rename your main homepage html file to index.html.

Hope this tutorial was helpful.