Very Important Security Tests For Your Computer

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1. Firewal test
This is a simple firewall test that tells you if you have an open port on a computer. Open port is the only way an outside connection can be made if not user-accepted. This test (just click the link then try the standard test) will help you to find open ports in your firewall and will provide information related to those ports.
My test results look like this.
firewall test

2. Web Browser Test

The test will try to crash your browser. The test checks the browser and its behavior when in a potentially crashable situation . If test is not passed , there is a possibility that your web browser has a bug and your security is threatened . Some bugs can allow attack on you computer. Just try to reinstall your browser and that should remove the bugs.
I tested Mozilla Firefox and results are perfect.
web browser test

3. PopUp Blocker Test

PopUP Blocker is a program that prevents small unwanted windows from suddenly appearing while you browse the net. Those windows are called pop-ups With this test you can check your blocker’s ability. You’ll receive a score from 1 to 100. There are four kind of test: Standard, Miscellaneous, Advanced and Pop-up Stopper Test. If you try the standard and your pop-up blocker works good you’ll receive results like this:
pop up blocker test

Keeping your computer safe from hackers and threats is very difficult. This tests and internet security tips, can help you protect your computer