View PSD and other image files without installing Photoshop

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Yesterday, I requested my friend to send me the snapshot of the PSD file of the WordPress design. But he claimed that his Photoshop CS2 has expired. He thought of going to his friend and copying the snapshot and again sending back to me. Photoshop Document itself was large size, therefore I asked for the snapshot. If I was going to accept his idea, then I would have to wait whole day for just a snapshot.

Rather I suggested him certain idea to view PSD files without the need of Photoshop. And that is what I want to share with my visitors as well.

With IrfanView, a 1.3 MB image viewing freeware utility, you can open almost all the images without need of any high level software. Here is a list of image files that I can open.

IrfanView is a freeware utility, licensed under End User License Agreement (EULA).

It is not only a viewer; rather you can edit the pictures there. Basically it supports cropping, cut, paste, copy, drawing tools, eraser tools etc. IrfanView is plug-in enabled, that means they have plug-in to make it more accessible and useful.

Click here to download IrfanView

This is guest post from suraZ. His other interesting posts can be read on You Can Hack and Hacktutors blog.