VPN Kill Switch – Mechanism that Ensures 100% Online Safety

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In search of online privacy, thousands of people go for a VPN. There are so many providers out there that choosing the right one might take a lot of research, effort and time. In this article we will concentrate on the features that make your VPN purchase worthwhile.


Things to Look for when Getting a VPN

A VPN user expects from a service a great performance as well as top security. Let us consider combination of which features make for a great VPN experience.

  • A number of servers. The more servers a provider has, the more options for connection you can have. For example, if you want to watch Netflix, it makes sense connecting to a server in the USA and not in Australia.
  • 2P2 availability. Not every provider supports torrenting. If you plan to install VPN to unblock geo-restricted content, pay attention whether getting a VPN will give you that option.
  • Possibility of a Trial version. It is good to read online reviews, but it is better to try it yourself before buying a VPN.
  • Level of security. Many of software developers offer SSL security with 256-bit encryption. Others boast a double encryption. However, one should remember not a single tunnel is 100% secure and there is always a risk of a potential break on a VPN connection. That’s when the VPN kill switch can protect your privacy.



How Does VPN Kill Switch Work?

A VPN kill switch is a special mechanism which ensures that no data is leaking through a tunnel. In case a tunnel is suddenly broken and your security becomes vulnerable, the kill switch will automatically cut off access to the Internet. By doing this your personal data will not be exposed. Your IP address will always be anonymous even if a VPN connection breaks. Basically, a VPN kill switch is the last resort that protects you when VPN fails.


Who can find this feature the most useful? We would say people actively using torrents are the most vulnerable as they would like to keep their identity anonymous. Otherwise they might be fined by their IPS or government of their country.

In order to find out if a provider offers a VPN kill switch option, read carefully about VPN features or go to a FQA section as not every developer mentions it on their home page. We will make your life easier by saying that Private Internet Access, Torguard Torrent VPN, Pure VPN and Proxy.sh all feature internet kill switch.

It is up to you when to enable or disable that feature.

All in all, prior to subscribing to a VPN service make sure that you are aware of the services you are buying and that no personal data is leaking in case of a VPN failure. Remember that there is no compromise when it comes to online safety.