WordPress Issues While Transferring To Other Web Hosting

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In this post I’ll write about wordpress issues while transferring to other hosting and how to fix these issues.

How To import large MySQL database using SSH

If you have large database , more that 12M and try it to import using phpMyAdmin you’ll get error. To import large database you must be able to log into your server with SSH.
You will first need to choose an SSH client.

  • Mac OS X includes the SSH client Terminal by default.
  • Windows-based Operating Systems do not come with an SSH client by default. We recommend PuTTY. Download PuTTy from this LINK
  • Linux distributions include support for SSH by default as well. Simply start up a terminal

Launch PuTTY , type you hostname for example hackspc.com or ip address , for example and click on open

After this will pop up SSH Command windows , type your username and pass for SSH , if you don’t know which are these , contact your web hosting support , they are probably similar to your FTP username and pass.

Navigate to folder where is your database .sql uploaded , for example in my case it’s /d_hackspc/www/hackspc.com/htdocs$ . you can use cd command to navigate through your servers folders
for example

cd d_hackspc
cd www
cd hackspc.com
cd htdocs

after you navigate into folder where is your database placed , type mysql command and press enter


For example, if my username was “hackbla,” my password “hackbla123456,” my database name “hackspc5″ and my file name “hackspc6.sql,” I would type:

mysql -hackbla -p hackbla123456 -h hackspc.com hackspc5 < hackspc6.sql.sql

How To Fix ” Upload Path ” Error In WordPress

If your wordpress uploading not working after moving web hosting then you need to change upload path in phpMyAdmin

Login to phpMyAdmin, under wp-options you’ll find upload path field , use CTRL+F to find upload path field, and click on Edit as shown on image below

Add your correct upload path and click on Go.