Zune Hacks

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Those people who make use of Mac OS and Zune MP3 player find it very difficult to perform song transfer as the Zune software is not supported on OS X. Many have tried to solve this issue but nobody has a good solution.  For reasons known best to themselves, Microsoft do not allow file transfer Zune and Mac OS X.We have got several ways to make your Zune work with Mac OS.

Here are few apps that you can try:


Bootcamp is an app from Apple that lets you run Windows OS on Mac OS. You will also require a genuine Windows disc to perform this hack.

1. Start your Mac and go into the Admin account. Navigate to Applications -> utilities -> Boot Camp Assistant.

2. You need to allocate hard disk space for installing Windows when Boot Camp Assistant asks you for it and then click Partition.

3. Hit “Start the Windows Installer” and click Continue.

4. Let’s consider the example of Windows 7. Insert your Windows operating system installation disc into the DVD drive and click “Start installation“.

5. Choose “Custom (advanced)” and not “Upgrade“.

6. Choose the disc labeled Bootcamp and format it. The following steps are easy to perform and no time the Windows 7 installation will get over.

7. Now that you have installed Windows 7, remove the Windows 7 installation disc and insert the OS X install disc. Now you need to run the Bootcamp installer setup and install the Apple Software update available for Windows.

8. Next, your Windows OS will restart and you can connect your Zune player to your computer by means of a USB cable.  You can now install the Zune Media manager software and run the app to sync your Zune with your computer.

Using a Virtual Machine

You can run Windows inside a virtual machine by means of software like VMware Fusion or Parallels to sync your Zune player with Mac computer.  Here is how you can do it:
1.  VMware Fusion or Parallels do not come for free. After purchasing it, you need to install it on your Mac OS X.  A free app that can be used instead of VMware Fusion or Parallels is VirtualBox.

2. Launch the VMware Fusion and then choose “Install Windows or another operating system in a new virtual machine option“.

3. Get hold of your Windows operating system Installation disc and insert it in the CD/DVD drive. VMWare will then guide you the simple installation procedure.

4. After the installation is over, you need to launch the virtual machine from within VMware

5. You can now install the Zune software that came along with it or you can download it from the web and install it.

6. You can now begin using Zune software to sync your Zune player and perform file transfer.